Mission Statement:

The Iranian American Community of Arizona (IACAZ) is an independent, cultural, educational, and non-profit organization, which strives to represent the rich culture of Iran in the magnificent State of Arizona.

Over the years, IACAZ has worked to enrich the lives of our members with celebrating the Iranian and American traditions and culture. Our efforts start in our neighborhoods and spans across Arizona by connecting the Iranian Americans, second generation Iranians, and Americans through our shared values of peace, prosperity and progress.

As a community, we cherish the cultural and humanitarian bonds. We focus on the human rights situation and democracy movement in Iran, while doing our utmost to contribute to the development and progress in the United States. We align goals with those who seek a free, democratic, and non-nuclear Iran.

About us:

We are inspired by our Persian heritage that goes back to Cyrus the Great and his "Declaration of Human Rights" (The Cyrus Cylinder) some 2500 years ago. It is a bitter irony that our native land, Iran, is now being ruled by a religious dictatorship that deprives an entire nation of the very same basic human rights that was the point of historic and national pride for Iranians.

By organizing seminars, symposiums, conferences and rallies we also strive to inform and educate the American public about the current situation in Iran, particularly as it relates to the plight of women and youth as well as about the dangers posed by the Iranian regime to regional and global peace and security. Our community’s leaders have also written Op-Eds and appeared in television interviews to talk about Iran, our own efforts and our expectations from our elected representatives in Arizona.

​We are blessed to be represented in Congress by Senators and Representatives who have an impeccable record of service to this country, but also have been outspoken about the situation of human rights in Iran, the nuclear and terrorism threat of the Iranian regime, and most importantly voiced support for the Iranian people and their organized resistance as they stand for liberty.